14th Sunday of the Year

Come to me all you who labour and over-burdened and I will give you rest, says the Lord.

For everyone there is a burden to carry, and not just our own, but the burdens of others on top of our own. These burdens take many forms and for convenience I have alphabetised some of the possible crosses we carry
A for anger at someone or at something,
B for brokenness we experience within
C for criticism
D for depression
E for emotional disturbance
F for family or fears
G for guilt
H for hurts and humiliations
I for illness
J for jealousies
K for kin
L for loneliness
M for moods
N for needs
O for obsessions
P for past problems
Q for quarrels
R for restlessness of spirit
S for sorrows
T for trials
U for upsets
V for vexation
W for wrongful words
Y for yearnings

These burdens can often serve as obstacles but perhaps too how we deal with them, they may serve as stepping stones to the Lord and to ultimate freedom He offers.

There is something worth considering too – have you or I been the source or cause of any of the above in the lives of others? Do I seek to make amends and carry my fair share where necessary?

Furthermore, am I aware of any of these burdens on the lives of others and do I make any effort to alleviate or ease them?


The Lord Himself offers Himself as the ultimate solution to all our problems, the answer to all our questions, the relief to all our worry and fear, and most importantly of all the forgiver of all our guilt and shame we feel for our sins.

There is also an alphabet of remedies or cures that we can take on as the cure and relief on a daily and weekly basis
A for adoration, B for the Bible, C for community, D for direction, E for Eucharist, F for friendships, G for generosity, H for humility and honesty with ourselves, I for Integrity of life, J for Jesus Christ , K for kindness, L for love, M for meditation, N for nature, O for Our Lady, P for penance, Q for quiet, R for rest and retreat, S for surrender, T for trust in God, U for understanding, V for virtue, W for work

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