4th Sunday of Lent

Darkness and light

The theme of the readings this Sunday quite clearly point to darkness and light, to blindness and new sight.

The readings are given to us on this 4th Sunday in Lent to point out to us that there is imminent danger in Jesus’ mission and that the Pharisees are anxious to destroy Jesus and His reputation, as we will relive the Passion in two weeks time on Palm Sunday.

Darkness/ blindness takes many forms

•The disciples were in darkness because they believed sickness was punishment for sin until Jesus enlightened them. The darkness of IGNORANCE
•There is the obvious cure from blindness from birth.
•The Pharisees are in darkness because they stubbornly refuse to see Jesus as the Son of God the darkness of PREJUDICE
•The blind man was ‘in the dark’ as it were as to Jesus’ identity until Jesus tells Him.
•The blind man’s parents are in the darkness of FEAR of rejection and persecution
St Paul tells us clearly how the analogy of darkness/blindness is comparable with ‘futile works of darkness’ and ‘things done in secret – things that one ought to be ashamed of’.

The worst darkness is that of SIN and GUILT.We bring them to the light by confession of our sins. No-one is proud of their sins, as they are hidden away, secret, confidential, but one’s past un-confessed buried sins done alone or with others need to be named, confronted and brought to the healing light of Christ in Confession and the peace that Christ alone can give is given to us. It is even a resurrection, and a new life of grace that is offered to us.

We also have ‘blind spots’ in our present way of thinking. We may have prejudices, warped thinking. We may be blind to the plight of the poor, and blind to faults that are patently obvious to others.
St Paul reminds his Christian converts that as pagans they ‘lived in darkness once’.
The Pharisees are trapped in the blindness and darkness of guilt.
We need to pray for enlightenment.

Jesus is ‘the light of the world, anyone who follows me will not be walking in darkness but will have the light of life for their guide.’

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