Solemnity of All Saints

Solemnity of All Saints – 4P,3M,1H

Today’s Solemnity of All Saints kicks off the month of November with a high note. While we are commemorating all the faithful departed tomorrow (All Souls) we are reminded today that heaven is our goal. We remember, in the words of the Eucharistic Prayer, ‘those who have gone before us marked with the sign of faith’. We think of those men and women who were an example to us of faith and virtuous living.

The Gospel today is of the Sermon on the Mount. To recall it, I use the mnemonic 4P,3M, 1H, to remind myself of what you and I are called to be - in God's sight.

The 4 P s are Poverty of spirit, Purity, Peace, Patience (amidst persecution)
The 3 Ms are Meekness, Mournfulness (detachment from the world), and Mercy
1H for Hunger (and thirst) for what is right.

These are not simply states of mind, but the dispositions we should be cultivating in our prayer, as well as attitudes in our daily living, in our conversations, in the performance of our daily duties, of concrete actions and things to strive for, of our nightly examination of conscience.

We are called to be saints, i.e., the best version of ourselves pleasing to God. We are challenged to imitate them in their virtues but with God's help and their example, our lives will change when our habits change. The 8 Beatitudes together make a Programme of Holiness and wholeness.

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